Animal Head Clothes Hangers

By Ryan on 01/14/2019 4:46 PM

Animal Head Clothes Hangers

If you have visitors to your closet quite often, and need to spice things up to liven the conversation a bit, these animal head hangers might be just what you're looking for. They're made with different animal heads on each one, and once you put a shirt onto the hanger it'll make it look like the animal featured on the hanger is actually wearing the shirt, thus making your life 10x better.

Unfortunately in order to experience the wackiness of these animal head hangers you actually have to use them. Meaning, leaving your clothes lying in a clump in the corner of your room, most likely with moths fluttering above them, just won't work.

Animal Clothes Hangers 1

The animal head hangers are made out of cardboard and come in over 15 different styles of dogs, cats, sloths, foxes. Each animal head is mounted onto wood and hand-cut, they're made in the USA, and each one will measure a bit different.

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