Air Cork Wine Preserver

Date Published: 08/08/2013 2:01 AM

Air Cork Wine Preserver Enlarge Image

I heard from someone that people will occasionally not finish a bottle of wine after they open it, and try to save the wine for a later date. Although this practice seems foreign and odd to me, if this unfortunate event were to present itself to me, I would luckily have the Air Cork Wine Preserver on hand. The Air Cork Wine Preserver is a balloon that you stuff into your half dranken bottle of wine and pump it up via a hand pump so that it seals the wine in the bottom of the wine bottle. Using the Air Cork there is the least amount of air in the bottle with the wine compared to most other wine preservers. The Air Cork balloon is made from medical grade latex, protects wine from oxidation for around 3 days, and will not alter or affect the taste of the wine. Check out the Air Cork in action via the video below.

Air Cork Wine Preserver 1 Air Cork Wine Preserver 2 Air Cork Wine Preserver 3 Air Cork Wine Preserver 4

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