Thanks I Hate It: The Worst Product Designs Imaginable (26 Images)

By Ryan on 05/05/2022 9:42 AM

Thanks I Hate It: The Worst Product Designs Imaginable (26 Images)

We've featured plenty of terrible product designs in the past. But it's time to get a bit of compilation post going. If you love seeing some God-awful designs, design failures, and just downright incompetence, you've come to the right place. Thanks I Hate it, is our newest reoccurring post that will feature the worst of the worst product designs. With our first Thanks I Hate It post, here are some of our most recent product fail finds... Enjoy!

This double wide office chair. We can't tell if someone DIYed this or if this is actually for sale somewhere...

Extra wide office chair

This dress has just about the worst color choice and color placement I've ever seen.

bloody dress design

The hat made from Kraft single slices! Perhaps made by a Wisconsinite...

kraft single cheese hat

Dentures with a USB stick data attachment. Store your files in the most secure place!

usb stick dentures in teeth

This table made from Macintosh computers! Will the wife approve this one?

imac table

A lamp with a mini fireplace inside of it. I hate it, but I also kinda love it!

fireplace in lamp

This motorcycle that makes it look like "things" are transpiring while you ride!

woman figure motorcycle

These boots that look like they're made from tiny Chihuahua dogs... Why??

fake dog legs shoes

This apartment building with balconies placed way too close. "Hello there neighbor, mind if I watch the game too?

too close apartment balconies

These boots with live fish inside. It's sad, it's bad, it's gotta stop!

fish tank shoes

These utensils made from thorny branches. That's one way to go on a diet...

thorn branch silverware

These cookie cutters that make cookies that look like there's already a bite taken out! (More info here)

pre-bitten cookie cutter

This bathroom designer that was clearly drunk!

bad bathroom tile design

This pool owner knew exactly what they were doing...

bad pool design

This snot-nose egg separator. (yes this really exists)

snot egg separator

This guy that just loves Honey-Nut Cheerios way too much!

honey nut cheerios gear

These sandals with Mercedes car ornament on them!

bmw sandal hood ornaments

An entertainment center made from the back of an old van. I can't think of a creepier way to watch TV...

van tv entertainment center

The scarf that looks conspicuously like something... I can't put my finger on it...

bad scarf design

A redneck pool table? I can't think of a less stable way to play pool...

redneck pool table

Why not have some balls on the back of your bicycle... They glow to help you get seen at night.

balls bicycle lamp

A purse that's made from a mini trash can? Why not?!

trash can purse

This dress that leaves literally nothing to the imagination...

bad dress design

A cross toilet cleaner? I'm not sure that's what Jesus wants to see when he comes back...

bad toile cleaner design

These USB shoes, for the ultra-geeky gal!

usb cord shoes

This elevator button installer that made many mistakes and just went with it...

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