Air-Conditioned Shirt With A Fan

Date Published: 06/20/2014 5:32 AM

Air-Conditioned Shirt With A Fan Enlarge Image

The Kuchofuku Air-Conditioned shirt is a work shirt that has fans attached to it that blow air into your shirt and keep you cool while you work, while simultaneously making you uncool at the same time. Wouldn't you like to appear fatter than you already are? Just strap on the fan shirt and you will instantly look like you gained 40-60 lbs, plus your 6 inch long yellow pit-stains that everyone complains about at work will no longer occur. Obviously made in Japan, the air-conditioned work shirt contains 2 fans with 2 power settings that are attached to the back of the shirt that take 2 AA batteries each.

The shirt works best when tucked in to your pants, is made from polyester and cotton, and comes in 3 different sizes to choose from. Also check out the air-conditioned work jacket, and air-conditioned pants which is kind of odd since, why don't you just take off the jacket?...

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