9 Shades Of George Costanza Pillow

By Ryan on 05/12/2015 2:01 AM

9 Shades Of George Costanza Pillow

The 9 shades of George Costanza is a pillow that features 9 of George's most famous moments from Seinfeld that was taken from an oil paining and made into a pillow case. The original 9 Shades Of Costanzas art piece was created by Johnathon Bergeron, an artist from Montreal Canada. If you're not into pillows, you can also get this wonderful art piece on a pair of leggings, a tote bag, or a canvas print as well, depending on what form you'd like to display your love for George Costanza to the people around you. No longer will people enter your house in wonderment of your knowledge and love for Seinfeld, as soon as they take a seat on your couch with your George pillow gracefully resting on it, they will know what's up.

Off the top of my Seinfeld knowledge ridden head, the famous George Costanza moments included on the pillow from top left to bottom right are:

  1. George mistakes an onion for an apple while wearing prescription swimming goggles since he lost his glasses at the gym. [video]
  2. George dripping the fudge from a banana split sundae onto his face at a tennis match while the announcers make fun of him. [video]
  3. George reaches for a sandwich that's located in the nightstand to help spice up his sex life. [video]
  4. George gets a massage from a man. "I think it moved". [video]
  5. George's wallet is too big, and as he goes to place a free guitar lesson ticket stub into it, it explodes all over the street. [video]
  6. George has a plan to respond to a coworker with the greatest comeback in the world, "The jerk store called, they're running out of you!". The only thing is, he has to recreate the scene where he previously missed his opportunity to say it while he was stuffing shrimp into his mouth. [video]
  7. Elaine buys George a big Russian looking Sable hat on the companies dime, George then attempts to leave the hat at a date's house in an attempt to see her again. "Co-stan-za" [video]
  8. George plays trivial pursuit with the Bubble Boy, when a misprint on the card reads "moops" instead of "moors", the bubble boy chokes him using the plastic arm sleeves attached to his bubble. [video]
  9. While filtering calls through his answering machine, George listens multiple times as he hears the song he sang for his answering machine while eating some popcorn. "Believe it or not George isn't at home..." [video]

Through my journey of finding the videos for each clip, I have come to two conclusions, 1) is that every single scene from Seinfeld is on YouTube in one form or another, 2) I have spent way too much time on this post. Be sure to check out every corresponding video for each of the 9 squares on the George pillow below.

The George Costanza pillow can either purchased as just a pillow case if you already have a pillow to use with it, or you can purchase it with a pillow included for an extra 7 bucks. The throw pillow is made from 100% spun polyester (which would leave George extremely disgruntled), is printed on both sides of the pillow, and comes in sizes ranging from 16 inches x 16 inches to 20 inches x 20 inches.

George Costanza Pillow - Scene 1

George Costanza Pillow - Scene 2

George Costanza Pillow - Scene 3

George Costanza Pillow - Scene 4

George Costanza Pillow - Scene 5

George Costanza Pillow - Scene 6

George Costanza Pillow - Scene 7

George Costanza Pillow - Scene 8

George Costanza Pillow - Scene 9

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