Wine Glass Sippy Cup

Date Published: 01/09/2014 8:00 AM

Wine Glass Sippy Cup Enlarge Image

The wine glass sippy cup lets you drink your wine like the stupid idiot you are using swinging hand gestures, sloppy mouth to glass contact, and terrible drunken balance, all while hovering over brand new white carpet. No longer will you have to empty coke cans to fill up and drink your wine, just get out your wine sippy cup and get as inebriated as you like without the worry of spilling on Grandmas floor. The Vino2Go wine glass sippy cup is basically a wine glass ecompassed in a large plastic container with a sippy type opening at the top of it, it's made from durable acrylic, is hand wash only, and comes in a plethora of colors to choose from.

Wine Glass Sippy Cup Wine Glass Sippy Cup Wine Glass Sippy Cup Wine Glass Sippy Cup

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