Wall Champions Foosball Pole Coat Rack

Date Published: 06/25/2014 2:01 AM

Wall Champions Foosball Pole Coat Rack Enlarge Image

The Wall Champions is a coat or towel rack that is basically a foosball pole with 4 soccer/futbol players on it that you can use as a coat hanger. Designed by Rafael Rodríguez, the foosball coat hanger is perfect to throw your coat onto after a long day of slacking off at work, or to throw a towel onto in your bathroom after your shower from a long day of eating cheeseburgers and sweating. The Foosball coat rack is fully customizable as it lets you choose the gender and race of the four figures on the rack, as well as choose your favorite soccer/futbol team's colors, or if you don't want the entire foosball pole, you can select individual figures to attach directly to your wall to function as a coat rack. - Via Awesomer

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