USB Digital Microscope Lets You Magnify Things By 250x

By Ryan on 04/27/2018 12:18 PM

USB Digital Microscope Lets You Magnify Things By 250x

There's really a whole new world once you start diving into extreme magnification and microscopes! It becomes addicting, like what can I put under the microscope next. This digital microscope attaches to any computer or smart phone, and lets you magnify items up to 250x their normal size.

Perfect for magnifying bugs, coins, dollar bills, your fingerprints, plants, food, or really whatever else you can find around your house. This USB microscope is great to help kids learn about science and learn about the micro-world we oft not see.

Magnified House Fly under USB digital micoscope
USB digital microscope observing a fly

The USB digital microscope comes with a base and a flexible arm that will keep the microscope steady while in use. But you can also remove it from the base and steady-arm to use it free-hand on objects that won't fit onto the base.

Magnified Facial Hair under microscope
USB digital microscope observing facial hair

The Plugable mini microscope has an integrated light into the end of the camera that will keep things very well lit while observing. Otherwise, when you get real close, it would cancel all of the light out, and it would be too hard to see the items you're trying to observe.

Magnified Electric USB Lighter
USB digital microscope observing an electric lighter

The mini digital microscope uses a 2.0 megapixel camera that allows you to get great high-quality pictures, videos, and time-lapses of the tiny things you'd like to capture.

Magnified Owl On 1 Dollar Bill
Magnified owl on 1 dollar bill

The device comes with a program that you can install on your computer that lets you switch between picture mode, video mode, and time-lapse mode. You can click a button on your computer to snap pictures and videos, or there's a quick capture button right on the top of the microscope.

Magnified 2 Dollar BIll
Magnified 2 dollar bill

The USB digital microscope features an LED halo light with adjustable brightness control, a flexible arm stand with an observation pad that includes graduated marks to easily measure items, and a suction cup to easily mount the flexible arm to the base.

Magnified Pencil Tip
Magnified pencil tip

The software that comes with the Plugable USB microscope is compatible with Windows and OS X operating systems, or you can install an app to use it on your smart phone.

Magnified Cactus
Magnified cactus

Check out the Plugable USB digital microscope that connects right to your laptop or smart phone in action via the video below.

Magnified Mechanical Pencil
Magnified mechanical pencil

Magnified Black Sand
Magnified black sand

Magnified Finger Print
Magnified finger print


Magnified Smart Phone Screen Reddit App
Magnified phone screen Reddit app

Magnified House Fly
Magnified fly

Magnified Lady Bug
Magnified lady bug

Magnified US Quarter
Magnified quarter

Magnified Black Diamond Ring
Magnified diamond ring

Magnified Coin
Magnified coin

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