Ulraviolet LED Blacklight Flashlight

Date Published: 06/26/2013 2:01 PM

Ulraviolet LED Blacklight Flashlight Enlarge Image

Some things are better left unseen, kind of like hairs on a public toilet seat. Once you see a hair, you are going to have to inspect the toilet seat even closer, and trust me, you will find a lot more, when you could have just taken a seat, done your business, and been on your way. The same goes for hotel rooms, you are not going to want to see what stains are hiding in and on that hotel bed. Just sleep in it, and be on your way. But there are always those people that need to know these things, and if that's you, the Ultraviolet flashlight will be your best friend durining your next vacation, or will it will ruin your entire stay.

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