There Is A Cane That Turns Into A Tripod Stool For The Elderly And Disabled

By Ryan on 10/04/2019 10:20 AM (Updated: 10/04/2019 1:49 PM)

There Is A Cane That Turns Into A Tripod Stool For The  Elderly And Disabled

When life requires you to use a cane even the simple task of walking can be exhausting. The problem then is what do you do when you're walking down the sidewalk and need to take a break to rest? Rarely are there ever benches around when you need them most. With the Tri Cane you'll never have to worry about that problem again because this cane turns into a tripod chair quickly and easily when needed.

This cane is designed to help improve the lives of the elderly and disabled. When designing the cane, the makers aimed to not only increase a user's mobility, by providing them a way to take respite, but to also increase their confidence by allowing them to get around easier than with the alternative - those bulky walker/chair hybrids. By tackling both of these issues together they hope to improve the quality of life for users.

Tri Cane

How Does The Tri Cane Work?

When in "cane mode" it works like your standard cane. It has a large plastic handle to make for easy gripping. The elastic base of the cane absorbs sock from the ground making for a more comfortable walking experience.

Tri Cane

If the user needs to take a break, the cane can easily transform into a tripod chair. With the push of a button (located just under the handle for easy access) the cane expands into a tripod support base. The legs all feature a non-slip base to ensure stability when sitting. Once the legs are open, you can then fold open the cane's handle and it will transform into a large seat area.

Tri Cane

When you're ready to walk again, you simply fold the seat back into the handle. To get the tripod to fold back into a single cane you just step on the elastic base and pull up and you're off on your next adventure. It really is that easy!

Tri Cane

At this time, the Tri Cane is just a concept so we don't have specifics on weight limits and such, but hopefully this will become a product for sale to masses in the near future.

Check out the genius Tri Cane in action in the below video!

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