Face Down Lounge Chair

Date Published: 07/29/2013 6:01 AM

Face Down Lounge Chair Enlarge Image

The face down lounge chair is a lawn chair that you can lay face down on that has a hole where your face goes so that you can sit comfortably with your face straight down without having to crink your neck to the side, and allows you to read a book, or play games on a tablet or phone. The Ostrich Lounge Chair can also double as a portable toilet, just bring your open face lounge chair and a bucket and you've saved yourself a trip to the smelly outhouse. The face down beach chair is portable, lightweight and comes with a handy carrying strap, and can hold up to 250lbs of chubbiness. There is another version of the face down lounge chair for the ladies that comes with boob pockets, check it out here.

Face Down Lounge Chair 1 Face Down Lounge Chair 2 Face Down Lounge Chair 3 Face Down Lounge Chair 4

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