Thuggie Extra Long Hoodie

Date Published: 10/11/2013 2:01 AM

Thuggie Extra Long Hoodie Enlarge Image

The thuggie is an extra long hoodie sweatshirt that you wear when you are feeling extra thuggish and just have to express your bitterness towards the world by taking it out on every one else that looks at you throughout the day by wearing this monstrosity. Even when actual thugs see people wearing this, they are like "Damn them white people crazy..." Was that a good thug impression? Not that thugs are only black... Well I'm digging my own grave here... The thuggie sweatshirt is supposedly ideal for skiing, snowboarding, or just lounging about naked underneath, has a large roomy hood, features a large kangaroo pocket, and has two hidden pockets on the sides.

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