Taco Plates

Date Published: 08/08/2013 10:01 AM

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Sometimes the simplest of things make the greatest enhancements to mankinds struggle on this organic spaceship that circles the sun. Humans have struggled with trying to balance deep fried tortillas upright on their plate for generations with little success. This revolutionary new product takes the characteristics of a plate, and the stylings of a holding mechanism and manifests itself into one of mankinds greatest accomplishements, the Taco Plate. The taco plate will hold your tacos while you build them and eat them, so that no longer will taco tuesdays be a stressfull day of spilled ingredients and broken shells of frustration, just sit back with your taco plate, and enjoy your tacos, the ways tacos were meant to be enjoyed. The taco plates come in a pack of 4 and will hold 3 total tacos each, with of course, room for rice and refried beans.

Taco Plates

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