Super Grip Lock Deadbolt Strap

Date Published: 07/16/2013 2:01 AM

Super Grip Lock Deadbolt Strap Enlarge Image

The super grip lock deadbolt strap is a strap of fabric that you can attach to your deadbolt and doorknob so that the door can not be opened from the outside even with a key. The strap of the deadbolt grip lock attaches to the doorknob so that there is tension on your deadbolt and when someone tries to turn the key from the outside it is locked in place, and can't move. The deadbolt grip strap is great for people afraid to be at home alone, such as the elderly, children, cowardly women, and weakling men. Don't let the rapists in at night, make sure your door is wearing it's deadbolt strap, and also make sure the door is actually locked, and actually closed to perform the maximum amount of security. Check out the extra cheesy extra awesome video of the deadbolt strap in action below.

Super Grip Lock Deadbolt Strap 2 Super Grip Lock Deadbolt Strap 3 Super Grip Lock Deadbolt Strap 1

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