Stratachute Parachute Lawn Game

By Ryan on 08/06/2013 10:03 AM

Stratachute Parachute Lawn Game

Sometimes, believe it or not, people go outside. I know it's hard to think about stepping away from your game of World of Warcraft, showering off the leftover chunks of hot pockets in your neck beard, and breathing actual fresh gusts of air that didn't come from your computer fan, but why not try to burn more than 7 calories a day for once. Once outside some people like to play games, you know actual games that require movement of your body, like in reality... real life. The Stratachute parachute lawn game is a new game in the process of being made that lets you launch balls with self-deploying parachutes on them, which you try to land on a target that you have put in your lawn. The Statachute parachute lawn game is a great strategy game that deals with different elements like wind speed, wind direction, and how hard you are launching the parachute. Checkout the stratachute parachute game in action via the video below. Note: game does not require a keyboard or mouse.

The parachute lawn game is made from nylon, plastic, and rubber, and comes with 6 parachute balls, and a pop-up collapsible target mat. The target mat measures 5 feet in diameter

Stratachute Parachute Lawn Game 1 Stratachute Parachute Lawn Game 2 Stratachute Parachute Lawn Game 3 Stratachute Parachute Lawn Game 4 Stratachute Parachute Lawn Game 5

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