Star Wars Millennium Falcon Multi-Tool

Date Published: 09/22/2015 5:20 AM

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Multi-Tool Enlarge Image

Here we go again with some needless Star Wars products for the upcoming Star Wars film, and this time around it's a Millennium Falcon multi-tool. Perfect for fixing up your DIY computer, opening your allergies medicine, opening your new World of Warcraft game with that pesky layer of cellophane on it, or any other geeky and nerdy task you might have, the Millennium Falcon multi-tool comes complete with 11 total tools, plus you know... it's shaped like a Millennium Falcon ship. Plus the multi-tool comes with a super-slim design, but don't worry, she'll hold together...

The tools on the Millennium Falcon multi-tool include an earphone tidy, a screwdriver, a wire stripper, a bottle opener, a box opener, a ruler, as well as 5 box-end wrenches / ring spanners. Plus the slim design of the tool means you could fit it right inside your pocket, purse, wallet, or backpack to always have on-hand in case you find yourself in a geek emergency.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Multi-Tool

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