Skull Shaped Eggs Maker

Date Published: 10/10/2013 3:08 AM

Skull Shaped Eggs Maker Enlarge Image

Eat like a pirate in the morning with your eggs shaped like a skull. That is how pirates eat breakfast right? Their mommy makes them eggs with an egg shaper and serves them two slices of bacon as the crossbones? The skull shaped eggs maker will take two eggs and make them into the shape of a skull, and hopefully your egg yolks will line up and not make the skull cross eyed, although a cross eyed pirate is probably more accurate. Just place the mold into your skillet pan, crack your eggs into the mold, then pick up the frame mold once the eggs settle and you have your funny side up eggs shaped like a skull, and everyone is happy.

Skull Shaped Eggs Maker Skull Shaped Eggs Maker

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