Shittens: Disposable Mitten-shaped Moist Wipes

Date Published: 05/16/2014 3:12 AM

Shittens: Disposable Mitten-shaped Moist Wipes Enlarge Image

Shittens are disposable moist towelettes in mitten form, so you can just slip one on over your hand and clean all of the shit off your body after "the incident" that occurred while driving home from all you can eat taco Tuesdays without it getting all over your hands. Great for wiping your bottom after a hard poo, wiping up your baby while changing a diaper, or cleaning up grandma or grandpa after a little accident, the Shittens are perfect for everyone's little mistake that they would rather not tell people about. The Shittens disposable mitten-shaped moist wipes come in a pack of 20 towelettes, are eco-friendly and FDA approved for babies, pets, and adults, and each mitten measures 7 inches x 5 inches. Get more info at their website, and be sure to check out the Shittens hopefully not in action via the video below.

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