Remote Control Flying Human

Date Published: 07/30/2013 6:01 AM

Remote Control Flying Human Enlarge Image

The remote control flying human is a radio controlled plane in the shape of a human, and is a great way to troll your neighbors into thinking Jesus has finally come back, or to give your local kids the hope that Superman is actually real and will be giving everyone presents this year for Christmas. The RC flying human has a PDF download of the plans to make the flying man by yourself for $19.95 or they will ship you a fully constructed RC flying superhero for $295.00. The remote control flying super hero comes in 57 inch and 75 inch versions, depending on how tall you want him to be. Check out the video of the remote control flying human below in all its glory.

Remote Control Flying Human 3 Remote Control Flying Human 4 Remote Control Flying Human 1 Remote Control Flying Human 2

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