Ramen Bowl iPhone Dock

Date Published: 07/30/2013 2:01 AM

Ramen Bowl iPhone Dock Enlarge Image

As if the act of eating a 27 cent package of ramen noodles wasn't sad enough, now you can eat your ramen with your phone so that you can eat and talk to someone via face time, eat while you play a game, or eat while you look at food porn all on your iPhone that attaches straight to your bowl. The anti-lonliness ramen bowl iPhone dock designed by MisoSoupDesign is still in a concept phase but is said to be for sale soon, and lets you enjoy your food with the company of others on your phone, just make sure you remove your phone before you stick it in the microwave, and no splashing your soup. You can also check for news about the ramen bowl iPhone dock on their facebook page.

Ramen Bowl iPhone Dock 1 Ramen Bowl iPhone Dock 2

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