Prank Thank You Card Plays Endless Music, a Glitter Bomb Explodes If You Try To Destroy It

By Ryan on 07/09/2019 1:57 PM

Prank Thank You Card Plays Endless Music, a Glitter Bomb Explodes If You Try To Destroy It

There are essentially two kinds of thank you cards in this world, one that is actually thanking someone for a gift, attending an event, and more, and there's also thank you cards that are purely sarcastic. I'm going to assume this prank thank you card was designed to be in the latter category, as it plays endless music until the battery dies, and if you try to destroy, a glitter bomb will explode making you even more angry.

Versions: Thank You Card | Birthday Card

As if it wasn't enough to just play endless music that has no stop button, the fact that it makes a complete and utter mess of wherever the prank victim tries to destroy the card is just an added benefit of this amazing gadget! It makes it really hit home that you're really not thanking them at all, you're actually punishing them for something they did, and they'll have to figure out what they did to you after they clean up a huge glitter mess.

On its own the prank thank you card looks like your standard cheesy thank you card with standard colors and text, but when your recipient/victim opens the card and hits the start button inside, the sweetness of your gesture will soon wear thin as they realize that the music that just started will never stop playing.

The prank thank you card will continue playing for at least 3 hours until the battery that's powering the music dies. If your prank victim is like anyone else, they'll most likely try to tear open the card to disconnect the battery, which is exactly what we were hoping for. What's torn open the card will release a glitter confetti bomb that'll make a huge mess wherever they are.

Depending on whether you'd like to deal with the repercussions of your prank thank you card, you may consider sending it in the mail. But, then you won't get to reap the benefit of seeing it unfold live in front of your eyes, and perhaps catch it on video.

The prank thank you card sings the song "Thank You For Being a Friend" on repeat until the battery dies, it will increase in volume every time your prank victim tries to turn it off (two levels of volume), and there's even a safe mode that lets you test out the card without starting the endless loop. This way you'll be able to ensure the cards in working order before sending it off to your victim. The prank thank you card measures 7 inches tall x 5 inches wide.

Check out the endless music and exploding glitter bomb thank you card in action via the video below.

If your not looking to thank someone, but instead looking to wish them a happy birthday, the same company also makes a prank birthday card that works the same way. Except on this one you can record your own message to your victim which then plays on repeat until the battery dies. The same type of glitter bomb will explode where they sit should they try to tear the card open.

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