This Prank Pregnancy Test Always Shows Positive

By Ryan on 12/22/2015 9:19 AM

This Prank Pregnancy Test Always Shows Positive

Pregnancy tests are probably the scariest test for a man to go through. STD tests are nothing compared to pregnancy tests. What's a lifetime of genital sores compared to a lifetime of responsibility. This prank pregnancy test will always have a positive result. Perfect to just slip into the bathroom trash can in a noticeable position at a party to make everyone wonder who's pregnant, fool an over-bearing mother, or fearful boyfriend into thinking you're pregnant, or since the prank pregnancy test sticks are completely unlabeled and are activated by any sort of liquid you could play some terribly cruel joke on a girl hoping to get pregnant. Although if you're going the latter route, tread carefully, as once she becomes the-wiser you'll probably receive the wrath of a thousand suns.

The prank pregnancy test stick is engineered to turn positive every time by simply putting any sort of liquid onto the test area of the test stick, has an extremely convincing product design and box that has no indication of it being a prank product, and includes two sealed prank pregnancy tests along with fake instructions on how to use them.

Prank Positive Pregnancy Test - GIF

Check out an amazing fake pregnancy test prank video in action via the video below!

Prank Positive Pregnancy Test

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