Pop-Out Outlets

Date Published: 11/13/2013 6:33 AM (Updated: 10/12/2018 12:38 PM)

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The Adorne Pop-Out Outlet is an outlet that is flush with the wall until you push it. Once you press the main big button in the center, a cube will pop-out to expose 2 or 3 outlets on its sides. Not only amazing to look at instead of a regular nasty boring standard outlet, the pop-out outlets are much safer to have around small children as the actual holes will be hidden until popped-out.

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The Adorne pop-out outlets will fit right into your existing electrical box so you can easily just replace your old outlet with these for a modern alternative. The pop-out outlets are available in classic white and magnesium finishes.

Simply give the button a simple push to have it extend outwards, and then just push it right back in to close it back up. The pop-out outlet has a capacity of 3 plugs, requires a minimum box size of 22.5 cubic inches, and uses a 1-for-1 installation that lets you replace your existing outlets in just a few minutes.

The pop-out outlets are sold individually without their corresponding wall plates. You can purchase these separately to choose your preferred finish.

Pop Out Outlets

Check out the pop-out outlets in action via the video below.

Pop Out Outlets

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