Poo-Pourri Pre-Pooping Toilet Spray

Date Published: 09/17/2013 6:01 AM

Poo-Pourri Pre-Pooping Toilet Spray Enlarge Image

Poo-Pourri is a bathroom spray that you actually spray into the toilet before you poop so that when your dumpings splash into the water, instead of the smell of death filling the room, it splashes up the Poo-Pourri spray and the room fills with smells of flowers, babies, fresh casserole, and not the smell of your freshly laid feces. The Poo-Pourri spray comes in a few different sizes, this one is a 2oz bottle that is good for around 100 sprays. No longer will you have to embarass yourself at every party you go to due to your IBS, just spray the Poo-Pourri pre-pooping toilet spray into the toilet prior to the massacre, and no one will be the wiser. Check out the Poo-Pourri pre-pooping toilet spray in action via the video below.

Poo-Pourri Pre-Pooping Toilet Spray

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