PenAgain: A Cramp Free Ergonomic Pen

Date Published: 06/13/2014 3:31 AM

PenAgain: A Cramp Free Ergonomic Pen Enlarge Image

The PenAgain is a cramp free ergonomic pen that lets you hold the pen in a way that won't give your carpal tunnel by writing one sentence. Top top of the pen is U-shaped so that you can stick your index finger through the U, with your thumb and middle finger to the sides of it, which makes it extremely more comfortable to write for longer periods of time. Come to think of it, do people actually still write things? Personally I think I became dyslexic since the last time I wrote anything, as I write letters before I need them, and my handwriting looks like that of what a newborn's signature would look like. The PenAgain is self-touted as the most comfortable writing utensil in the world, is coated with erg-soft rubber which apparently feels like silk, works for right handed people or left handed people, is refillable and retractable, and comes in a plethora of different colors to choose from. Check out the PenAgain cramp free pen in action via the video below.

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