Motorized Bumper Car Boats

Date Published: 07/12/2013 2:01 AM

Motorized Bumper Car Boats Enlarge Image

The motorized bumper boats are a great way to transport your fat body from one end of the pool to the other, to obtain a snack, or to get to the pool exit to release your bowels. Just hope that someone in another bumper boat doesn't collide with your boat, because the way your fat hangs off of the sides of the bumper boat, a single bug that lands on the side of the boat would most definitely tip you over. The motorized bumper boats have power steering which has a water blaster that you can use to spray at fat people. ugly children, or the elderly. The bumper boats are a breeze to set up and can travel at speeds of up to 2ft per second, so hold on tight!

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