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Date Published: 01/11/2016 10:11 AM

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The Windex phone case is an iPhone 6 case that looks just like a spray bottle of window cleaner. Moschino, a fashion design company that creates extremely unique, weird, and at times quite flamboyant clothing and accessories, their new 2016 clothing line took a theme of construction and car wash related items, and with each new collection, the company releases a phone case that relates to the line. This time around they made a window cleaner spray bottle phone case for all to enjoy while simultaneously making it impossible to put in your pocket.

Shortly after Moschino released the Windex phone case, it immediately sold out, since you know, who wouldn't want to carry around a winder cleaner sprayer everywhere they go. Fortunately, the case is now back in stock and ready to be sold to the weird people who live their lives with the constant fear of having dirty windows.

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Other weird phone cases that Moschino has released in the past include a serving of french fries, a handled personal mirror, a bottle of spray paint, a teddy bear, a trench coat, a wireless phone, and plenty more. Whatever weird phone case they come up with next, I'm sure it will sell out, as it seems they are the Apple of designer phone cases, and no matter how weirdly terrible they are, they're sure to sell out. Note: the above links are most likely knock-offs as Moschino doesn't sell the cases anymore and are drastically cheaper than they would sell it for.

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The Windex-like window cleaning spray bottle phone case in compatible with only the iPhone 6 (if you want it for the iPhone 6 Plus, you'll need to buy a knockoff from Amazon), is made from plastic, and measures 8.6 inches tall x 3.1 inches wide x 1 inch thick. Also to note: the spray bottle phone case unfortunately does not actually spray window cleaner.

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