Klax: Multi-tool That Turns Any Stick Into An Axe

Date Published: 06/03/2014 3:37 AM

Klax: Multi-tool That Turns Any Stick Into An Axe Enlarge Image

The Klax is a multi-tool that can be turned into an axe using any sturdy stick you may find in the woods, and has tons of other features such as a hammer, scraper, bottle opener, five wrench sizes, a hex bit driver, a ruler, and more. I personally would only use this to sloppily throw at trees after I used it to open 5 or more beers, but a real man would most likely find some real world purposes out of this by either keeping it in your car for emergencies, keeping in your tool belt, or just using it for fun when camping or hiking. The Klax comes in four different models ranging to the best quality with the most features, to a more basic model that's more of just an axe head. The Klax axe is currently still in a funding phase on kickstarter, so go reserve yours now, and be sure to check out the Klax multi-tool in action via the video below.

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