Kangaroo Cup: An Untippable And Unbreakable Cup

Date Published: 06/06/2014 2:01 AM

Kangaroo Cup: An Untippable And Unbreakable Cup Enlarge Image

The Kangaroo Cup was invented by Lily Born, an 11 year old to help her Grandfather with his Alzheimer's as he would continue to tip over his cup. The first concept was ceramic and and had three legs to keep it from tipping over, she later made a plastic version so that younger kids could use the cup as well. The Kangaroo Cup is perfect for the shaky arms of the elderly, the inept hands of a drunk person, the sticky hands of clumsy ugly children, or just to use outside to keep from tipping over when set on the grass or uneven surfaces, and best of all, due the three legs on the cup, it hovers, so no more water stains on your coffee table when you forget to use a coaster. The Kangaroo Cups come in a set of four, are made from Polyethylene, are stackable to save on shelf space, are microwave and dishwasher safe, and can hold up to 9oz of liquid each. The Kangaroo cup is still in a funding phase on Kickstarter so go reserve yours now and be sure to check out the cup in action via the video below, or get more info on their website: imagiroo.com.

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