Harmonica Flash Drive

Date Published: 09/26/2013 6:01 AM

Harmonica Flash Drive Enlarge Image

The harmonica flash drive is a USB thumb drive in the shape of a harmonica, and best of all the harmonica works, and you can play a little ditty before you get your files off of it. Made by Jim McLean, the harmonica flash drive is a great gift idea for a musician, or better yet, a harmonica player, and is great for storing your music files, personal documents, or pictures of your dog wearing human clothing. The harmonica flash drive is in the key of C, has 8GB of capacity, is fully playable, and comes pre-loaded with Jim McLean's 10 minute '5 Basic Steps To Playing' lesson. Check out the harmonica thumb drive in action via the video below.

Harmonica Flash Drive Harmonica Flash Drive Harmonica Flash Drive

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