Hand Pump iPhone Charging Case

Date Published: 09/27/2013 10:01 AM

Hand Pump iPhone Charging Case Enlarge Image

The Mipwr iPhone case is a case for phone power junkies who are constantly running out of power on their phones. The way it works is, if your phone is runnling low on power, just release the hand crank from the case, and a lever will be released, then simply crank the lever with your hand repeatedly and it will generate 30 seconds worth of talk time power for every 1 minute of hand cranking you do. As far as the terrible name of this product goes, I beleive they were only 3 names left in the world that were not trademarked which were Popplers, Zitzers, and Mipwr, and they chose to go with Mipwr. The Mipwr Hand pump charging iphone case doesn't actually exist yet and is just a Kickstarter campaign, so go reserve yours now if you are interested. Check out the manual pump iPhone charging case in action via the video below.

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