Gun Toilet Brush

Date Published: 05/02/2014 6:43 AM

Gun Toilet Brush Enlarge Image

One way or another you've gotta clean your shit stains off the toilet, so you might as well look like a bad-ass while doing so. The gun toilet brush is a toilet bowl cleaner that has a handle shaped just like a hand gun so you can keep a shred of self dignity while poop water is splashing up into your face, and maybe even have a little bit of fun while doing so. Maybe you pretend you are shooting your poop stains, or you're robbing the toilet of all their fecal leftovers, whatever helps you sleep at night. The toilet brush gun measures 38cm long x 7cm wide, and is made from polypropylene and nylon. If you're not a hand gun guy, maybe this machine gun toilet bowl cleaner will suit your fancy.

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