Gun Target 'Miss You' Card

By Ryan on 02/10/2016 5:06 AM

Gun Target 'Miss You' Card

How you do really show your girl that you've missed her while you're away? Send her a gun target miss you card showing how you've attempted to shoot at her but missed her. The gun target miss you card features a image of a human silhouette like you'd normally see at a gun range for target practice, with some fake bullet holes that appear to miss the target. The inside of the card simply reads "Miss You". A perfect miss you card for a person that loves minimal design, creative greeting cards, or just someone that doesn't have a lot to say other than that they miss you. The gun target miss you card is also great for hunters, people in the military, or gun nuts.

The gun target miss you card is hand made from paper and ink, each card will be a little different and have hole locations vary seeing as each card is hand made, features 3-4 holes scattered around the card, comes with a matching envelope, comes packaged in a clear sleeve, and is an A2 sized card measuring 4.25 inches wide x 5.5 inches long.

Gun Target Miss You Card

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