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  • Baby Stroller Hand Warmer

    Baby Stroller Hand Warmer

    The Kidaddle baby stroller hand warmer is a long hand muff designed to attach right to the strollers handle so that when you are on a walk in the frigid cold with your newborn, the most important thing to worry abou

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  • Star Wars Ewok Hooded Scarf

    Star Wars Ewok Hooded Scarf

    This Ewok scarf comes complete with a knit hood that has Ewok ears protruding from the top of the hood. Perfect for any greasy Star Wars nerd, the Ewok knit hooded scarf is officially licensed from Star Wars and

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  • This Light-Up Alpine Sled Makes For Great Night-time sledding

    This Light-Up Alpine Sled Makes For Great Night-time sledding

    Sure, day time sledding is great and all, but night-time sledding is even better. You run the chance of not seeing a jump and getting whiplash or even some slight to moderate spinal cord injuries. This Bavarian-s

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  • Cheeseburger Earmuffs

    Cheeseburger Earmuffs

    You love cheeseburgers, we get it. We can tell by your walrus like physique, your sweaty body, and your poor posture. Well now in addition to piling greasy cheeseburgers into your pregnant sized belly, you can wrap

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  • Heated Ice Scraper

    Heated Ice Scraper

    Incase you didn't want to use the Star Wars Wampa Arm Ice Scraper and look totally awesome while scraping your car's windshield, the heated ice scraper is probably a better alternative that will help with icey winds

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  • Rechargeable Hand Warmer

    Rechargeable Hand Warmer

    The rechargeable hand warmer is a small device that you can charge via a usb cord that you can throw into your pocket or inside your gloves to keep your hands warm during the cold winter. We know how important it

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  • Car Windshield Snow Cover

    Car Windshield Snow Cover

    If you're not from a state where it snows, consider yourself fortunate. I'm not sure what our ancestors were thinking forming a civilization in such a place that literally rains ice 6 months of the year, where snow

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  • Smoking Mittens

    Smoking Mittens

    The smoking mittens are mittens that have a hole through the fingers area so that you can slip a cigarette through to your mouth and smoke it, all while keeping your hands nice and toasty. You've been banished to th

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  • Winter Hat Bluetooth Beanie

    Winter Hat Bluetooth Beanie

    The Bluetooth Beanie is a winter hat that contains a speaker and microphone that will sync wirelessly to your phone or bluetooth device so that you can talk on your phone or listen to music hands free using only you

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  • Heated Leg Warmers Powered via USB

    Heated Leg Warmers Powered via USB

    Do you suffer from cold calves or cankles? Do you not enjoy wearing pants or maybe prefer to wear short pants in the frigid cold of the winter? Are regular leg warmers just not hot enough for you? Well maybe you

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  • Bluetooth Smartphone Gloves

    Bluetooth Smartphone Gloves

    The Bluetooth Smartphone Gloves are a set of winter gloves that have an integrated phone handset embedded in them so that you can talk using your thumb as an ear piece and your pinky as a microphone. No longer will

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  • Star Wars Wampa Arm Ice Scraper

    Star Wars Wampa Arm Ice Scraper

    The Wampa arm ice scraper is possibly the best way to scrape the ice off your car's windshield in the morning, assuming there is a 'best way' to do such a terrible task. Scraping ice off your windshield is probably

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  • Bosse Ergonomic Adjustable Snow Shovel

    Bosse Ergonomic Adjustable Snow Shovel

    The Ergonomic Shovel by Bosse Tools is a snow shovel that has an adjustable handle to fit whatever way you would like to hold it. Perfect for a pregnant women who just got tasked with shoveling the driveway, a fe

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  • Mitten Flasks

    Mitten Flasks

    The mitten flasks are a pair mittens that contain a straw in one of the thumbs that connects to a secret plastic bag of booze hidden within the mitten. To use it simply fill it up with booze prior to leaving the war

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  • Hot Art: Art Pieces That Double As An Infrared Heater

    Hot Art: Art Pieces That Double As An Infrared Heater

    They say you can warm your body just by looking at a picture of a beach... Well now you can. Hot Art is a new Kickstarter campaign that is a piece of art that you hang on your wall that doubles as an infrared hea

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  • Taxi Mittens

    Taxi Mittens

    In case you have a hard time hailing a taxi, the taxi mittens will assist you in your cab getting duties if your taxi driver has the eyes of an eagle. The taxi mittens are bright yellow and have the word taxi writte

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  • Salty The Snowman Salt Shaker

    Salty The Snowman Salt Shaker

    Salty the snowman is a transparent salt shaker that is shaped just like a snowman and is great for using during the holidays to store your salt and/or cocaine in. What better way to celebrate the holidays than to

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  • Rocket Ship Tissue Dispenser

    Rocket Ship Tissue Dispenser

    Much like the Mt Fuji tissue dispenser we posted a while back that made the tissues look like smoke coming from the volcano, this rocket ship tissue dispenser makes the tissues hanging from the box look like the smo

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