Giant Inflatable Rubber Ducky

Date Published: 07/31/2014 2:01 AM

Giant Inflatable Rubber Ducky Enlarge Image

The giant rubber ducky is an inflatable toy that you can use in the pool, out on the lake, or in the bathtub, that is assuming you bathtub is around the size of an Olympic swimming pool. Measuring a massive 6 feet tall, the giant inflatable rubber duck will probably bring amusement by just trying to stay on top of it without tipping over, and would be a perfect gift for Shaq or Manute Bol (if he wasn't dead), which would look a little more practical standing next to one of them. The giant rubber ducky is made out of heavy duty vinyl, comes with a repair kit and a hand pump, weighs 8 lbs, and measures 6 feet tall x 4 feet wide x 4 feet deep. Check out the giant rubber ducky in action via the video below.

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