Game Controllers Ice and Chocolate Molds

Date Published: 11/06/2014 3:56 AM

Game Controllers Ice and Chocolate Molds Enlarge Image

You ever love something so much you want to make it into chocolate and eat it? Or maybe you would prefer to stir it around in your drink to make it colder? Now you can with the classic game controller silicone mold. Make the original Nintendo controller into a batch of chocolates for you and your sweaty nerds friends to consume, or make the Sega Genesis controller into ice cubes to cool your Mountain Dew while on a sweaty gaming session. The classic game controller molds contain 6 controllers per mold (2 of each contoller: Playstation, NES, Sega), are made from food safe silicone, are dishwasher safe, and measures 7.5 inches wide x 5.75 inches tall x 1 inch deep. Note: with each purchase you will get 1 mold.

Game Controllers Ice Mold

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