Fork With Pizza Cutter

Date Published: 02/13/2014 3:05 AM

Fork With Pizza Cutter Enlarge Image

The pizza fork is a fork that has a pizza roller built right into it, and is great for when you just pulled a fresh pizza out of the oven and don't want to get burnt by the liquid hot magma that is boiling beneath the surface of the cheese. No longer will you destroy your taste buds on that late night drunken pizza you cook at 3am, just because you don't feel the roof of your mouth burning, doesn't mean it's not. Simply use the fork with a pizza cutter and cut each bite of pizza with ease before placing it carefully inside your mouth, but not before blowing beneath the surface for a few seconds. The pizza cutter fork is also great for pancakes, waffles, or human meat.

Fork With A Pizza Roller Fork With A Pizza Roller

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