Keep Cool In The Sun With This Flexible Cooling Misting Hose Attachment

Date Published: 06/07/2019 7:57 AM

Keep Cool In The Sun With This Flexible Cooling Misting Hose Attachment Enlarge Image

Sure, some people like baking in the sun all day, thus drying out their skin so they'll eventually look like an old catchers mitt. Then there's the other kind of person that enjoys a good misting and keeping that skin nice and moist on hot summer days. This unique flexible cooling hose lets you put it into any position to give you a nice constant mist to keep cool.

It's aptly named the FlexCobra, and it attaches to any standard garden hose to lower the temperature of whatever it's spraying by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The flexible hose mister attachment uses three brass misting nozzles and should be used outdoors with only with cold water.

If you're looking for a fun new way to keep cool while sitting out in the sun, this yard gadget might be for you! It can stand up all on its own using its flexible properties, or you can wrap around a fence or railing to get it perfectly pointed at you.

Since the flexible mister hose attachment just provides a very fine mist, you won't need to worry about using too much water. You can even place it between two people to cool down two people at once, or just place it in the corner of a deck or patio to lower the temperature of that entire area.

The Orbit FlexCobra misting gadget can be extended and kept stable at up to 30 inches tall, it comes in a random color when you purchase, and has an adjustable nozzle that lets you adjust how far the misting water goes.

Check out the flexible cooling misting hose in action via the video below.

You can even use the unique self-standing mister to water your garden or plants!

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