You Can Now Build Your Very Own Hockey Rink In Under One Hour

Date Published: 10/01/2019 2:18 PM

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It's October and that means hockey season is officially upon us. The only thing that may be more exciting than watching those blades cut the ice for the first time this season is getting your very own hockey rink! No longer will you have to check times for open skate and pack up the minivan and drive across town to the indoor rink. With this personal hockey rink you'll be the envy of every mullet sporting kid in the neighborhood and it will take you less than 60 minutes to set up - that's less time than it takes to get in and out of all your hockey gear (okay, maybe not, but close...right?!).

All you need for this personal hockey rink is a flat or semi flat surface to set it up on. The water will self level and provide great results so long as the terrain doesn't differ more than 1 foot. It can be set up on a yard, parking lot, basketball or tennis court, patio, driveway, the possibilities on where to put this are endless.


How Do You Assemble EZ ICE?

The rink sides come in five foot sections that easily clip together. Full assembly can be done in under an hour (and EZ ICE brags that they can get a rink up in under 5 minutes!). Unlike other outdoor rinks, EZ ICE does not require stakes, nails, screws...really it doesn't require any tools at all. And because it doesn't use stakes,you can set this rink up after the ground has frozen.


EZ ICE uses a strap system that eliminates damage to the surface under the rink. As you fill the rink with water, the weight of the water/ice on one side of the rink holds the walls of the opposite side in place making this a self standing and self stabilizing rink.


At the end of hockey season, the rink can be disassembled in minutes and it can be stored in a compact area allowing for use over and over again, year after year.


What Size Does The EZ ICE Rink Come In?

There are six standard sizes that the rink comes in, but you can also order custom sizes in five foot increments.

  • Kiddie Rink: 15 x 30 feet
  • Small Rink: 20 x 40 feet
  • Medium Rink: 25 x 50 feet
  • Large Rink: 30 x 60 feet
  • XL Rink: 40 x 80 feet
  • XXL Rink: 60 x 100 feet


Check out the EZ Ice rink in action in the below video!


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