This Company Created Dog and Cat Mouthwash To Help Fight Gum Disease And Bad Breath

Date Published: 10/31/2019 1:10 PM

This Company Created Dog and Cat Mouthwash To Help Fight Gum Disease And Bad Breath Enlarge Image

Do you get the same "You should be brushing your dog's (or cat's) teeth" speech every time you go to the vet? You're not alone; only 8% of dog owners brush their dogs teeth at least once per day. The problem for me is two-fold: (1) it's easier said than actually done with my dogs and (2) I never actually remember to do it. Well, PetLab has found a way to remove all the roadblocks when it comes to your canine's oral health - an easy to use mouthwash. No, you're dog won't need to learn a new "gurgle your mouthwash" trick. To use this mouthwash you simply need to add 1 teaspoon daily to your dog's water dish and it will work while he drinks! Not only will this mouthwash help keep your dog's teeth clean and gums healthy, it can also help combat that nasty dog breath - which makes sense...clean mouth, fresh breath.

Why is oral health important in dogs? By age 3, most dogs develop gum disease due to a buildup of plaque and tartar. When left untreated, this can lead to bacteria leaking from their mouth into their bloodstream causing heart, liver, and bone infections.

Dog Mouthwash

How Does This Dog Mouthwash Work?

This mouthwash works by using an antimicrobial and antibacterial formula that supports the natural defenses your pet already has against bacteria. It destroys the germs, bacteria, and microorganisms that cause periodontal disease and helps to: combat bad breath, strengthen gums against gingivitis, eliminate plaque and tartar, whiten teeth, and restore enamel.

Dog Mouthwash

There are other dog dental mouthwashes out there, but they contain alcohol, sugar, and other chemicals and additives that can make some issues worse or cause new ones (like gastrointestinal upset). Many of these other mouthwashes also use pungent flavors and smells to mask your pets bad breath rather than address the actual issue at hand. This mouthwash is safe for everyday use and is effective for both dogs and cats!

Dog Mouthwash

Check out the video about this genius mouthwash below!

Dog Mouthwash

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