Death Star Giant Paper Floor Lantern

Date Published: 11/25/2015 3:30 AM

Death Star Giant Paper Floor Lantern Enlarge Image

This giant paper floor lantern looks like the Death Star from Star Wars when the light is turned off, and when lit up, the lantern just kind of looks like a lit up ball of some sort. Quite unlike the Dark Side, this lantern is made from extremely fragile and cheap paper that will probably tear if any force is put onto it. Although quite similar to the Dark Side, the paper lantern is extremely defenseless towards house cats and will be torn apart by a simple swipe of a cat's paw. For those without house cats, curious dogs, or violent Roomba vacuums, this giant Death Star lantern will be a perfect addition to your geeky home. Plus when the lantern is lit up, I guess you probably could call it a moon.

The Star Wars Death Star lantern is turned on and off using a foot toggle that rests on the floor next to the lamp itself, uses a 40 Watt max incandescent or 13-watt CFL bulb with a standard base, is suitable for indoor use only, and measures 24 inches in diameter.

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