These Curetex Toe Socks Keep Your Foot Odor At Bay

By Ryan on 08/24/2015 7:29 AM

These Curetex Toe Socks Keep Your Foot Odor At Bay

The Curetex Socks are a set of toe socks help you with foot odor as they are designed to wrap around each individual toe and are made using Washi Fiber that leaves no room for moisture, bacteria, or odors to build up. Washi is a Japanese traditional paper that acts as a natural deodorant, so why not just wrap your entire disgusting smelly feet in this material to try to trap and kill whatever organisms that might be festering on them. No longer will you have to be embarrassed at work when you go to take your shoe off due to an itch on the bottom of your foot and everyone within a 20 foot radius of you immediately faints due to a lack of breathable oxygen. Also, the Curetex socks are great for when you have that business trip to Japan where you need to take your shoes off while you eat dinner.

Made by Muse Ricette, a unique product design shop based out of Japan, the Curetex toe socks will work as a deodorant, a sweat absorbent, a humidity controller, a UV block, as well as an antibacterial agent. The odor proof toe socks come in black or dark grey colors to choose from, and come in two different sizes to choose from, 9.8-10.6 inches and 10.6-11.4 inches.

Curetex Toe Socks - Odor free socks

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