Confetti High Five

Date Published: 04/17/2014 3:29 AM

Confetti High Five Enlarge Image

To celebrate national high five day why not use the FiestaFive which is a device you attach to your hand and as you give a high five to someone a splash of confetti explodes out of the top of your hands, making it the greatest high five the recipient has ever received. National high five day occurs every third Thursday in April and brings support and attention to Cancer research. The confetti high five device comes with 5 confetti cartridges, or if you are really into high fives you can purchase 2,500 cartridges with 500 FiestaFives for a low price of $1,500. Check out the fabulous high fives in action via the video below.

FiestaFive FiestaFive FiestaFive

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