Cat Paw Doorstop

Date Published: 08/19/2013 2:01 AM

Cat Paw Doorstop Enlarge Image

The cat paw doorstop is great for cat ladies whose cats have all died off and are looking for anything to bring back the memories of little old snickers, bootsies, and gummsy. Just stick the cat paw doorstop under your door and every time you walk by it, you will think of those sweet little cats that helped you hermit in your house all day and hide from society, that watched  you grow a woman's mustache that you tried to shave once, but then it grew back even worse, so you just gave up. The cat paw doorstop is a doorstop that resembles a cat paw pawing under the door.

Cat Paw Doorstop 1 Cat Paw Doorstop 2 Cat Paw Doorstop 3 Cat Paw Doorstop 4

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