Brush Hero: Water Powered Turbine Cleans Your Cars Rims and Tough Spots

By Ryan on 10/14/2016 8:27 AM (Updated: 10/17/2016 11:38 AM)

Brush Hero: Water Powered Turbine Cleans Your Cars Rims and Tough Spots

You know how when you go through a car wash, or even wash your own car for that matter, your rims always come out just as dirty as they went in? Well this brush was made specifically to clean your car's rims, along with all of the other nooks and crannies that a regular car wash never cleans. Although not only cars, the brush works on pretty much anything you could ever want to clean.

How it works is, the device connects to any garden hose and will spin and scrub at the same time which is all powered by the water coming from the hose. Combine the scrubber with your favorite cleaner and it will blast through brake dust like it's nothing.

Not only great for car rims, the spinning water turbine detail brush also works great for cleaning engines, bicycles, BBQs, headlights, large equipment, screens, pools, furniture, gutters, golf clubs, windows, boots, and even your dog. Plus, the water scrubber also comes with a softer brush for detailing your more delicate items.

The Brush Hero water powered turbine brush gives out as much as 15 lbs of torque in turning power. Plus internally, there are no blades, fins, or complicated parts that can break. The durable plastic inside is made to stand up to harsh cleaning chemicals, and since it's plastic, there's no worries about rust or corrosion.

Check out the water turbine car brush in action via the video below.

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