Breezy Beach Chair Lets Air Flow Through

Date Published: 05/29/2014 6:54 AM

Breezy Beach Chair Lets Air Flow Through Enlarge Image

The Breezy Beach Reclinder by Frontgate is made from a breathable and quick drying dura-mesh that will surely cure that disgusting sweaty ass of yours in no time. Sure to cure swass, swalls, swagina, and sweaty nether-regions of all kinds, the breezy beach chair is perfect for a hot day on the beach where you'd like to bathe in the hot sun but not stick to your chair and peel off of it like a slice of Kraft Single Cheese coming out of its wrapper. The Breezy Beach Chair is made from a lightweight aluminum frame with wooden arm rests which folds up for easy transport, can adjust to 5 position from straight up, to laying down flat, and includes an adjustable pillow. Also check out the  Breezy Beach Sun Lounger if you prefer to lay down while not sweating.
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