Blue Skies Graphic Umbrella

Date Published: 06/06/2014 5:58 AM

Blue Skies Graphic Umbrella Enlarge Image

The MOMA Sky Umbrella is a designer umbrella that has a graphic of a blue sky on the inside of it so that you can cheer yourself up on a rainy day and try not to think about murdering children all day like you usually do. Designed by legendary graphic designer Tibor Kalman and Emanuela Frattini Magnusson, the blue skies umbrella is an extra large umbrella that when opened up revleals a cheery blue sky with fluffy white clouds that is sure to brighten up your day, that is until the dark thoughts begin to consume you once you put away the umbrella. The sky umbrella has a plain black nylon canopy with a wooden shaft and handle, has a manual open and close mechanism, and measures 38 inches wide x 35 inches long. If you're into unique umbrellas be sure to check out the umbrella squirt gun, or check out other designs of sky umbrellas on ebay.

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