Mouse Pad Of Beyonce's Ugly Super Bowl Picture

Date Published: 04/13/2015 4:25 AM

Mouse Pad Of Beyonce's Ugly Super Bowl Picture Enlarge Image

There are certain pictures that people want taken off the internet as if they think that's possible. You'd think they would know by now that just by saying that, millions of more people will see the picture, or maybe that was the plan all along... Sneaky publicists... One of those pictures is of Beyonce looking like some sort of ceazing yak that was taken at the 2013 super bowl halftime show. What better way to spite Beyonce for wanting to control the internet than by looking at it everyday on your mouse pad. If you're one of those people still using a trackball mouse that needs a mouse pad to properly track your movements, and you dislike Beyonce, this mouse pad might be for you.

Mouspad Of Beyonces Ugly Super Bowl Picture

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