Batman Boomerang

By Ryan on 02/12/2014 11:02 AM

Batman Boomerang

The Batman Boomerang is an advanced returning boomerang for experienced throwers and is great for Australian Batman enthusiasts, Australian boomerang enthusiasts, or Australian Australia enthusiasts. If thrown with a medium toss with a slight angle and a medium release, this boomerang will come right back into your hands after decapitating a criminal or rapist. You are most likely going to want to wear eye protection while throwing, although a black cape will also work. 

The Batman boomerang is hand crafted from 10 ply 5mm finish birch wood, measures 7 inches from bat wing to bat wing, plus it's shaped like the batman logo so what more could you as for. Check out the Batman boomerang in action via the video below.

Batman Boomerang Batman Boomerang Batman Boomerang

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