Backpack Chair With Cooler And Side Table

Date Published: 06/02/2014 10:03 AM

Backpack Chair With Cooler And Side Table Enlarge Image

The backpack chair is a folding chair that you can carry like a backpack, and once unfolded contains a cooler to store your beverages, and a table that connects to the side of the chair to set your drinks on, and is perfect for tailgating, backyard BBQs, camping, or just getting drunk by yourself in your driveway while you watch people walk by and make witty comments to yourself about how fat and stupid looking they are. No longer will have to bring three separate items to do your sitting, drinking, and setting down of drinks, just strap the backpack cooler onto your fat, sweaty back and set up shop wherever you desire. The backpack chair comes in red, gray, or blue, can hold up to 350 lbs of chubbiness, has a loop on the back for an optional umbrella, weighs 12 pounds, and measures 34 inches x 24 inches x 18.5 inches.

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